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Private joint-stock company «Nikolaev technical-examination center» (ru: «», ua: «»), city Nikolaev, Ukraine.

The organization for the first time is created in 1996 (as structure of Gosgorpromnadzor of Ukraine).

The central office is to the address of Dalya street, 11, 54002, Nikolaev, Ukraine,
Legal address - Sevastopolskaya street, 67, 54055, Nikolaev, Ukraine.
More than 80 person works for organization.

The basic personnel - technical experts by kinds of technology, auditors on certification of production and systems of quality and engineers-verifiers. The organization consists of several structural divisions:
   Branch of certification (OC «ͳ»);
   The test center and separate test laboratories;
   Branch of examinations;
   The regional department of psychophysical examination.

The «Educational center».
Test divisions are equipped by modern test technics, have stands and the equipment. "" is accredited in National agency on accreditation of Ukraine and Gosgorpromnadzor of Ukraine on the right of carrying out of tests.
The organization has quality management system the ISO9001.

Body on certification «ͳ»
It is accredited (is appointed and authorized) on the right of performance of works on certification of production and systems of quality in national system of certification since 1997. Registration numbers of OC in register are: UA.P.081, UA.PN.081 and UA 5.001.054, UA.MQ.054.

OC has wide experience of work on certification of production domestic and foreign production imported from Italy, Germany, Sweden, Turkey, the USA, China, Israel, Korea, the Russian Federation.