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Testing Laboratory Technical diagnostics and methods of un-distraction control
TL TD and MUDC on the basis of Permission 93.06.30-74.30.0, operating 30.01.2011 to conducts works:

  • control of quality of the welded connections

  • review, tests, expert inspection (technical diagnostics) of machines, mechanisms, equipment of promoted danger and their elements:

  • steam and water heater caldrons;

  • vessels under constraint over 0,07 MPa;

  • pipelines of steam and hot water of all of categories;

  • loadings cranes and liftings of buildings (lifts, elevators, escalators, rope roads);

  • equipment and linear parts of gas pipelines of the systems of gas pipelines of natural and compressed gas, gas-used equipment;

  • equipment of basic productions of chemical, petrochemical and oil-refined industry;

  • forge-press equipment.

  • On the basis of execute works Conclusions of technical examination gives out together with protocols of measurings