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1.Conducting of psycho-physiological examination and psycho-physiological selection with the purpose of exposure of workers, suitable on psycho-physiological qualities to works of the promoted danger.

2.Delivery the inspected workers of conclusion about a psycho-physiological fitness for implementation of works of the promoted danger.

Detailed list of works of the promoted danger, for implementation of which passing of psycho-physiological examination is needed indicated in Order of Ministry of health of Ukraine and Statutory broker of Ukraine Care on a supervision after a labor protection from 26.01.2005. ╣ 15 öAbout claim of List of works with the promoted dangerö

For passing of psycho-physiological examination it is necessary to give next information:

  • Name, surname;

  • date of birth;

  • name of organization, enterprises;

  • profession;

  • code of enterprise on EDRPOU

  • identification tax number.

    1. The article 19 of a law of Ukraine is ôAbout the guard of laborö.
    2. Order of Cabinet Ukraine from January, 4 , 1994 . ╣ 25684/45.
    3. Order of Cabinet of Ministers Ukraine from 10.10.2001. ╣1320 öAbout claim of the National program of improvement of the state of safety, hygiene of labour and production environment on 2001-2005ö.
    4. Joint order of Ministry of health of Ukraine and Statutory broker of Ukraine care on a supervision after a labour protection ╣263/121 from September, 23, 1994. ôAbout claim of List of works, where requirements are in a professional selectionö, incorporated in Ministry of Justice of Ukraine of January, 25, 1995 . to on ╣18/554.
    5. Decree of Ministry of Health of Ukraine on a supervision after a labor protection from 26.01.2005 . ╣ 15öAbout claim of List of works with the promoted dangerö
    6.Directive of Committee of European Economic Community from June, 12, 1989, ╣89/89/┼ŢĐ ôAbout conducting of measures with the purpose of improvement of safety and protection of health of workers during workö.

    Order of conducting of psycho-physiological inspection

    TThe base method of conducting of psycho-physiological inspection is the źProgrammatic test complex of professional psycho-physiological selection of workers for implementation of works of the promoted danger (version 1).
    A psycho-physiological inspection can be conducted both with the group of workers and individually, but with the obligatory observance of standard terms of conducting of inspections, accepted in System of professional psycho-physiological selection, namely:
    - registration inspected on the set form with adding to źList of registration of inspected╗;
    -pre-medical inspection: original appearance, questioning about a feel, complaints (of necessity measuring of arterial pressure and pulse) with the obligatory bringing of information, under a signature inspected, in źMagazine of pre-medical examination of inspected╗;
    - instructing of the implementation of tests inspected about an order;
    - direct psycho-physiological testing with the use of PTK;
    - fixing of results of psycho-physiological inspection;
    - individual interview with a doctor-psycho-physiologist or specialist-psychologist;
    - dispatch of results of the psycho-physiological testing and individual interview (in an electronic kind) in Center of psycho-physiological examination;
    - delivery of results to inspected.
    The results of inspection are given out every inspected personally or mounted at the place of work in the sealed up kind. To divulge the results of psycho-physiological inspection forbidden strictly, except for cases separately stipulated in the current legislation of Ukraine.

    Regional services of psycho-physiological selection, specialists, busy on especially risky jobs or requiring a professional selection:

    - give services in a professional psycho-physiological selection, periodic estimation of professional fitness;
    - inculcate effective methods and methods of professional rehabilitation and training professionally of important qualities of specialists, busy on risky jobs or requiring a professional selection;
    - carry out methodical guidance and co-ordination of activity in area of professional psycho-physiological selection on the proper territory of region;
    - at the instance of administration of organizations of all of legal forms, on the requests of employers can conduct the professional advising and psycho-physiological support of students, working and un-busy population, and also citizens, getting under a discharge from a production;
    - to conduct a professional psycho-physiological selection and selection of persons, accepted on professional teaching and into vacant workings places;
    - carry out other professionally-orientation activity on the basis of agreements.

    Service of professional selection :
    - conducts system, skilled and complex work on questions of professional orientation;
    - forms for citizens conscious approach to the choice of profession, answering interests, state of health and features of everybody taking into account the requirements of region in shots;
    - forms the State register of persons, suitable to works with the high level of technogenic danger by the promoted risk taking into account the individual psycho-physiological features of specialists, state of their health, and also necessity of region in shots;
    - actively instrumental in forming of personality and intellectual potential of the taken away specialists;
    - creates terms for the most complete development of creative capabilities, cognitive, morally-aesthetic and needs-motivational sphere of personality;
    - inculcates achievements of modern psycho-physiology in practice of work of service of professional psycho-physiological selection.
    Regional departments of professional psycho-physiological selection are under an obligation to conduct testing of persons with the operative dispatch of findings in the National center of professional psycho-physiological selection for their analysis and decision-making about a fitness specialist to work in the conditions of the promoted technogenic danger taking into account the indexes of professional fitness and forecast success of mastering of professions, specialty, strengthening of motivation to the chosen type and adaptation to the future profession.