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Branch Educational center
List of documents, necessary for teaching of profession

1. Copy of passport (1, 2 pages, registration).

2. Medical certificate that work on this profession is not contra-indicated on the state the health of trainee.

3. Copies of documents about education (diploma about an reception a profession, copy of first and last page of work-record card).

4. Copy of certificate with an identification code.

5. Name, address and telephones of enterprise (in case that teaching is made due to an enterprise).

6. Copy of certification on the profession of instructor of the production teaching, passport, identification code

List of documents for the receipt of testifying to the appropriated profession:

1. For taught from an enterprise (due to an enterprise) is a book-keeping warrant. (to specify is a receipt of testifying() to the appropriation a profession

2. For taught for a spot cash is a presence of passport at the receipt of certificate

To the persons, to passing teaching, given out
  • testifying to the appropriation of working qualification (state standard),

  • certification about admitting to implementation of work of the promoted danger,

  • copy of protocol of session of qualifying commission.